A product with the highest silver concentration on the Polish market.

An innovative concentrate of mineral plant growth stimulator for foliar and soil application, intended for soil and plant nutrition – cereals, corn, beetroots, fruit trees, ornamental and fruit plants, garden trees.

It contains hydrogen peroxide stabilised with highly active monoionic silver produced by patented technology.

  • It releases large amounts of oxygen in the root zone, stimulates plant growth and development, increases yield.
  • It cleans the irrigation system from sediments.
  • Significantly reduces the occurrence of crop-damaging micro-organisms.
  • Activates the defence mechanism of plants.
  • Increases productivity, improves crop quality and storage health.
  • It is effective against bacteria, fungi, mould and viruses.

Produced with monoionic technology, growth stimulator concentrate intended for the nutrition of soil and crop, fruit and ornamental plants.


Growth stimulator concentrate, produced with the use of monoionic technology, intended for soil and crop, fruit and ornamental plants nutrition.

It contains a composition of humic acids, fulvic acids, trace elements derived from volcanic rocks and chitosan polymers, natural biopolymers obtained from the shells of crabs and shrimps.

Growth stimulator intended for soil and foliar application in crops such as cereals, corn, beets, vegetables, root crops, fruit and ornamental plants and garden trees.

  • Improves soil quality by forming the so-called tuberous structure, which has a significant impact on water accumulation and soil aeration by stimulating the development of soil microorganisms of the humus layer.
  • Increases the sorptivity of soils, in particular of sandy soils, preventing leaching of mineral nutrients.
  • Reduces the activity of heavy metals in the soil, limiting their penetration into the root system of plants and crops.
  • Aerates and loosens the structure of heavy soils.
  • Increases the water holding capacity of the soil, limiting the surface outflow of water, thus reducing the negative effects of drought.
  • Intensifies important physiological processes, such as respiration and photosynthesis, increases the resistance of plants to stress and improves their condition.
  • Maintains the right acid-base balance in the soil (pH).


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