The Company

INWEX Innovation and Implementation Unit was founded in 1987.

Our modern, eco-friendly solutions have been deployed in industries such as metallurgy, steel, mining, automotive, construction and agriculture. 

We also manufacture innovative dermocosmetics and dietary supplements, which are distributed by INVEX REMEDIES, established 2011 (

By combining the high quality stemming from the owners’ expertise as inventors, and the competitive prices of our products, we have been able to acquire a wide range of regular customers. Our brand is well known on the Polish market, and our company has over a hundred in-house solutions and several dozen patent applications.
Our products have won multiple gold medals on international invention fairs across the world, including in Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Geneva, Nuremberg, Beijing, Pittsburgh, Seoul, Shanghai, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur and Zagreb, and a number of awards and recognitions in Poland.

We operate a fully equipped production plant and a research laboratory, which enables us to extend our offer constantly. 

As an innovation-oriented company, we are able to develop a substitute to almost any formulation you choose. We can also modify the products available in our range, adjusting them to the individual needs of the customer.

We ship our products to customers based in Poland and abroad via a forwarding company. We offer free servicing of our technologies and post-sales consulting services.

Our products are safe, and manufactured based on our quality policy and quality management system (compliant with ISO 9001:2008). You can trust our track record as a reliable partner in commercial and scientific cooperation. 

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