Quality Management Policy

JIW INWEX Sp. z o.o. undertakes to document, implement, maintain and constantly improve its Quality Management Policy in accordance with the ISO 9001 standards.
By following this Policy, our company strives to satisfy the customer’s needs and requirements.
We declare that we will direct efforts to meeting the following quality goals:

1. Maintaining the high quality of products and services.
2. Offering a wide, continuous range of products and responding to the individual needs of our customers.
3. Striving to improve our production technology.
4. By developing in-house technologies, we can offer very competitive prices compared to other manufacturers in the chemical industry.
5. Adjusting to the growing needs by focusing on new, pro-ecological technologies and market requirements, determined based on in-depth data analysis.
6. Achieving full compliance with standards and law.
7. Ongoing employee education and training, so that their quality awareness keeps improving.
8. Rational consumption of resources, materials, fuels, energy and water.

By constantly improving our Quality System at every organisational level, we aspire to gain a leadership position in the market and achieve the highest possible level of customers’ satisfaction with our products and services.