Universal fluid for central heating systems is used as a heat transmitter or a coolant in central heating systems, cooling systems, solar heating systems, air-conditioning systems, solar and heat pumps. It can be used in floor heating systems made of PP pipes. It is mostly used in detached houses, cottages, glasshouses, refrigerators, solar thermal collectors and other private and public buildings. Thanks to the high boiling point it minimizes loss caused by evaporation. The fluid protects the installation from low temperatures and corrosion, sedimentation and any biological life forms. The main advantage of universal fluid use in closed heating water systems is that the whole installation or its part can be switched off even at temperatures below zero degrees. The system can be restarted at any time.  Such solutions are highly energy efficient especially in buildings where the heating is not necessary the whole time (holiday homes, churches, offices and working facilities, sport and industrial facilities).


  • does not freeze at temperatures down to -18oC
  • remains clear even after long use, does not undergo phase separation
  • does not deform plastic and rubber elements
  • special composition of lubricants ensures optimal operation of water pump
  • contains corrosion inhibitors for aluminium, brass, steel, iron and cast iron
  • antibacterial and anti-fungal additives prevent the development of microbiological flora
  • anti-oxidants and anti-scaling agents lengthen fluid life

Universal central heating fluid – Concentrate
The product has comparable properties to the above mentioned fluid. It is intended for use in all heating and cooling installations. It ensures the full capacity of the central heating system at temperatures from -35oC or -70o. If diluted, it is advised to use demineralized water enriched with INHIBITOR CO/98. Installations in which water or other liquid was used must first be rinsed with a suitable product (e.g. REMEX) to remove corroded metal pieces, limescale and other residues.

INHIBITOR CO/98 corrosion inhibitor and water softener for central heating systems
Product contains corrosion inhibitors of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and a very effective water softener – Calgon derivatives, which are eco-friendly. INHIBITOR CO/98 used in new heating systems prevents limescale, and during operation limits up to 95% of ferrous and non-ferrous metal corrosion. In old heating systems it removes limescale and protects the installation from further corrosion.

REMEX Multi-purpose formula for clearing, preservation and protection of central heating systems
The product in the form of a concentrate is used for chemical removal of boiler limescale, corroded metal pieces from heating appliances, heat exchangers, heaters, boilers, and pipe installations of central heating systems. Commonly used in private and public buildings, boiler rooms, heat and power plants and heat networks. It is especially recommended before an installation of automatic regulators (pressure regulators, water flow, heater thermostatic valves, and weather temperature regulators). It is perfect for cleaning old and new installations, and installations after seasonal maintenance and service works.


  • increases the thermal efficiency of central heating appliances and installations
  • reduces energy loss in heating systems
  • increases the permeability of central heating appliances and installations
  • increases corrosion resistance
  • recommended for use before applying the inhibitor protection