A brightener for cyanide zinc plating baths, with high and low cyanide content.  Transforms cyanide baths to cyanide free baths, without emptying baths or time lags during production. It results in high quality coatings at 0.5 – 4 A/dm2 current density.

A temperature resistant brightening additive for cyanide cyanide-free zinc plating baths. Guarantees gloss improvement of elements at 0.5 – 5 A/dm2 current density. The transformation of baths with high cyanide content to cyanide-free baths takes place without empting the baths, time lags in production and in the same galvanizing equipment. This transformation is possible due to a use of patented catalysts – brighteners. The achieved zinc coatings from all bath types are glossy and easily chromated to white, blue, yellow, olive or black. Newly developed catalysts-brighteners allow the modification of alkaline and chloride baths with nickel and cobalt. Alloy coatings created in this way are very glossy and 2-3 times more corrosion resistant.