A brightening agent for zinc plating baths, intended for stationary, rotating and automatic machines. It results in smooth, malleable high quality coatings at 0.5 – 4 A/dm2 current density. Does not contain complexing agents.

An additive for the removal of heavy metals from alkaline zinc plating baths with gloss. It improves plunge and gloss at 0.5-3.5 a/dm2 current density. Used alternately with other brighteners, protects baths from the over accumulation of iron ions.

A brightening additive for alkaline zinc plating. It is recommended for stationary machines. It results in high gloss of galvanic coatings at 0.5 – 3.5 A/dm2 current density with minimum plunge loss. Works very well with brightening agents: RDES-88/N, RDES-88/O, RDES-88/S, and RDES-88/U as well as brighteners of similar qualities produced by other companies.

Modernised version of brightener RDES-88/B. It is recommended for rotating machines. Guarantees high item gloss at 0.1 – 3 A/dm2 current density without plunge loss.

This product should be used in alkaline zinc plating baths. It is recommended for stationary, rotating and automatic machines. Due to the carefully selected components, it has the ability to change the potential of heavy metal sediment formation. This helps to achieve malleable and glossy zinc coatings from baths with increased iron contents. Increases the gloss and plunge of galvanic coatings, especially at low current densities.
Especially recommended for rotating machines.