A water-dilutable concentrated cooling-lubricating fluid for aluminium processing. Recommended for: grinding, turning, deep drilling, milling, finishing and processing of toothed wheels and automated work. It contains an excellent selection of corrosion inhibitors. Contains corrosion inhibitors and modified vegetable and animal oils, EP additives, washing and moisturizing additives. Remark: Product is recommended for use for plant with waste control problems. It is fully biodegradable after approx. 20 days.

A water-dilutable, concentrated cooling-lubricating microemulsion intended for the treatment of aluminium alloys, mostly for machining. Contains up to 60% of highly refined mineral oil, emulsifiers, EP additives, corrosion inhibitors, bio stabilizing additives, washing, moistening and antioxidation additives and additives to decrease water hardness. In order to achieve optimal operational parameters is advisable to use it together with servicing products.