A water-dilutable, oil-free concentrate of hydraulic fluid type HFAS acc. to ISO 6743-4:1999, to be applied as a 0.5-5% water mixture in hydraulics for powered roof supports, hydraulic stands and in other machines and equipment used in water hydraulics. It gives the hydraulic system the required lubrication, biological stability and anti-corrosive protection. It contains modified plant oil, synthetic lubricants and biocide additives, corrosion inhibitors, additives decreasing water hardness and water (>15%). Readily biodegradable. It is environment friendly.

A ready-to-use, synthetic hydraulic fluid designed for use in stationary devices operated in underground mining headers. Due to its low coagulation temperature it is recommended for use in mining frames during transport and storage on the ground. It can be mixed with Inwex HFAE fluids without limitations, which significantly facilitates later start-up and operation of frames in headers.
Available versions: up to -35°C and -50°C.