A preparation that activates steel surfaces in any alkaline bath type. It increases adherence of applied layers, shortens degreasing time, and significantly lowers degreasing temperature, allowing removal of phosphate coatings and lubricants.

A universal softening agent for broaching fluid, used as an effective additive for all degreasing baths and emulsions. It is suitable for galvanic baths and for preparation of working fluids and hydraulic fluids. It complexes calcium and magnesium ions present in the water, decreases water hardness, prevents formation of sparingly soluble soaps, which prevents the formation of residue on degreased details.

An organic, water-dilutable oxidizer, which speeds the etching of steel, especially hardened steel and speeds the degreasing of elements after hardening processes.

An anode, medium foaming, and corrosion inhibiting grease dispersant for chemical and electrochemical degreasing of steel and non-ferrous metals. It forms a foam a few millimetres thick, which muffles extricating particles from alkaline baths, significantly improving working conditions. The preparation decreases the working temperature of the bath .