INWEXOL SILVER 200/50 is an agent for removing all types of bacteria, fungi, yeast and mould.
It shows bactericidal and fungicidal activity among others against: Legionellapneumophila, Pseudomonasaeruginosa, Escherichia coli, Enterococcushirae, Staphylococcusaureus, Candida albicans, Aspergillus brasiliensis (niger), Botrytiscinerea (Grey mould)*.

TheINWEXOL SILVER 200/50P preparation is authorized for marketing with the authorization of the President of the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products no. 6281/15 of June 25, 2015 and with the PZH Hygienic Certificate no. HK/W/0038/01/2014
of March 31, 2014.

Use of the formulation INWEXOL SILVER 200/50P:

  • For disinfection of water intended for human and animal consumption.
  • for disinfection of potable water systems
  • for disinfection and protection of process water systems
  • for disinfection of devices, containers, kitchenware, surfaces and pipelines related to the process of manufacturing, transport, storage and consumption of food and feed
  • for disinfection and fumigation of walls and floors
  • for disinfection and fumigation of surfaces, materials, equipment and furniture
  • for spray disinfection and fumigation of rooms and surfaces
  • for disinfection and fumigation of objects through immersion
  • for water treatment in swimming pools, jacuzzi and other water bodies
  • for disinfection and fumigation of air-conditioning systems
  • for destroying mould on the surfaces of building structures.



*The formulation effectiveness was tested by certified test laboratories.

The secret behind the effectiveness of INWEXOLSILVER 200/50P lies in its two-phase activity of main ingredients. Hydrogen peroxide attacks the cellular membrane of microbes, and silver fragmented thanks to the monoionic technology to the size of <0,2 nm, penetrates to the inside of pathogenic cells permanently destroying them. Such a combined action increases over 100-fold the biocidal effect of both ingredients.


A technology has been developed in the INWEX laboratories allowing for breaking of mineral structures to single ions, i.e. particles, which should be formed in any dissociation process. This undoubtedly is the case of highly reactive elements, which include sodium, potassium, magnesium, chlorine and fluorine. However, less reactive elements, especially precious and semi-precious metals, i.a. silver are not easily susceptible to such a process, even if the chemical compounds formed with their contribution are characterized by good water solubility. This stems from the capacity to form clusters, i.e. specific polymers formed by atoms of the same element or chemical substance. Clusters possess homogeneous structures and freely moving electrons.

Due to the multiatomic structure they are considerably larger than physicochemical calculations and particle models for the structural formula would suggest. Therefore, research has been undertaken aiming at disintegration of cluster structures to monoions. As a result of multi-stage chemical and/or electrochemical processes conducted in aquatic environment, it was possible to disintegrate the structure of numerous elements, including silver in the monoionic form, durable only in the aquatic environment in precisely determined parameters.

After being removed from this environment or transferred to a different one, these elements are characterized by natural tendency to create mono-atomic structures.

The monoionic technology is used in pharmaceutical and cosmetics production, where its high efficiency has been confirmed by in vitro and in vivo tests.

The microorganisms are surrounded by a mucous layer, which serves as their protection against threats from the environment. Thanks to oxygen separation, the disinfecting formulation INWEXOL SILVER 200/50P is one of the most effective substances against biological layers. Hydrogen peroxide penetrates the mucous film and undergoes decomposition into water and oxygen. The enlarging gas bubble within the mucous structure tears it up and breaks off from the surface. This makes INWEXOL SILVER 200/50P more effective than other disinfectants (such as chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, etc.), as they not only affect biological films chemically, but also physically.

Moreover, after the disintegration of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) into water and oxygen, silver
is deposited on the walls of pipes and tanks, having a temporary function of full protection against biofilm.


SILVER has antibacterial and fungicidal properties. Silver inhibits bacterial respiration, damages bacterial cell replication by binding the bacterial DNA.

Moreover, in contact with fungi, bacteria or any other single-celled organisms the silver acts
as catalyst by inhibiting enzymes, which allow respiration of single-celled microorganisms. This kill these organisms in several minutes up to about one hour.

Silver ions bind with disulfide bridges of proteins responsible for microorganism reproduction and metabolism, causing their deactivation or precipitation. Silver has primarily the catalytic function for the disintegration of hydrogen peroxide, it also has a role in the combating of pathogenic microorganisms.

Silver is a metal that occurs naturally in the environment. The silver is essential for proper functioning of the body. Humans absorb trace amounts of silver every day through breathing, drinking water and consuming food. As a bactericide, it is used in numerous fields such as cosmetology and medicine, where it has been used for the last 4 thousand years. It is known as a natural, efficient, non-toxic and mild antibiotic, used in prophylaxis and in numerous countries available as a diet supplement and component of cosmetics.

Safe daily dose of silver for 50 kg human is 0.7 mg

HYDROGEN PEROXIDE, as a very strong oxidizing agent, destroys every pathogenic microflora, whether it is fungi, viruses or bacteria. The oxygen released from the molecule
of hydrogen peroxide affects directly microorganism’s cell wall. A chemical reaction between oxygen and molecules forming the cell wall results in their denaturation and destruction. Hydrogen peroxide not only fills the organism with atomic oxygen, but it also oxidises toxic substances, altering their chemical structure. This kills even such pathogens as cholera and typhoid fever, as well as anthrax spores, which are normally very resistant to the external environment. Hydrogen peroxide is non-toxic and it decomposes into water and atomic oxygen.
The major components of the INWEXOL SILVER 200/50P preparation  and their decomposition products in working concentrations are safe and do not have side effects for human and animal organisms.

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